Art and Me


I have been painting for over 30 years. I have been honing my skills over time.  Once upon a time I loved to copy images , back in my teens, and draw still lives. I got to degree level and just loved experimenting with various media.

I am an expert ink artist, I am obsessed by the stuff- acrylic ink that is. I started back in 2002 painting large canvases using these amazingly rich and colourful beauties. I sold well .I think it was the vibrancy and happiness contained within, plus skill .

My family are artistic – Grandad, Auntie, Uncle, Mum, Brother, and Me. Creativity is a huge part of me, in my blood, coursing through my veins. One of my latest creations is our third child, Sebbi. I have been creative through pregnancies and when the kids were small, but never have I been quite so creative during or after, as I have with our Sebbi. He is a creative soul, I see it, and he is 16 months now.

So, I have 2 solos shows coming up, at The Art House , Southampton from September 20th- November 13th 2016, and at Southampton City Art Gallery from May- July 2017.

I have just had 2 pieces accepted into Rum Eg’s , (Romsey)  Summer Exhibition running from June 29th 2016 – September 3rd.

I am able to exhibit work at Hilliers Garden Centre, near Romsey , Hampshire in 2018. I am hoping to exhibit with other artists between May -July 2018. Exciting times ahead.

I have originals and prints available here:

I have a facebook page, which is:

This is an intro, my first wordpress blog. Happy to be here , writing my musings.

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