Why I do the art-ing thing, and my journey to thrive

Love will set you free

Why paint? why draw? what for? Do you ever think like that? If you are an artist and wondering why you do it?

I really have recently. Why? Because I have 3 kids, and I need to earn money, and sometimes the art-ing thing takes time to build, to create that money.

Do I feel like giving up? Hell, yes. Do I feel I don’t contribute enough at times? ( financially) Hell, yes.

So, why are you still doing it? You might ask

GOOD QUESTION. And here is my answer, if I may be so bold as to explain and hope you will listen- but not just listen, but spread the words, spread the love I hold so deep in my heart, the abundance of love.

I paint to heal , to heal me, to heal emotions , to heal the world, to bring Light into the World. God only knows we need more light, right? If art didn’t exist, in its many forms, how dull would the world be? It would be like flicking a light switch off. I can’t switch my light off, I need to shine brighter.

I have a deep need to show my 3 children that it is possible, entirely possible to pursue your dreams and not only survive , but thrive. This is my journey , art-ing to thrive.

If you like what you read, please share my post, please share my art. The World needs more Light, remember?

Please share this, or share my facebook page here , or my etsy site below, and help spread Light and Love.



In deep gratitude today , and really feeling this statement below, what with everything that has been going on in the world these past few days:

Love will set you free Love will set you free


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