Summer Hols are almost here



Ok, so I have 4 commissions to work on, and it is almost the Summer holidays, which means I have the 3 kids to entertain ( ok, so I don’t always entertain them, I believe it is important for them to get bored so they come up with their own , oftentimes, creative play)  So , I feel some pressure to get creating within the next 68 hours, not that I am counting or anything.

I have started some meditation practice for research, ending on July 31st, which means I have to be diligent and do it regularly. This is great! It means I take out time for me, which is so important. It helps me to stay calm, as I tend to feel a bit stressed trying to juggle art work and kiddie winkies, feeling like I am not giving enough (proper, decent) attention to either. I am going to carry this on at least until the end of the month, and then find time to create my own practice once this has stopped. I am finding that through being disciplined I am making time ( I am sitting cross legged at midnight sometimes) because I know it is doing me good.

I am gradually preparing for my solo show at The Art House, Southampton from September 20th – November 13th. Do come along to the private view, from 7.00pm – 9.00pm on Thursday 20th September. There will be small , medium and large canvases as well as cards and bookmarks for sale.

Here is to a great summer full of Hilliers visits, icecreams, football ( I need some practice)melt downs ( invariably, it just wouldn’t be real life without them) , connections, laughs, giggles, festivals and camping. Oh, and some SUN.









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