The ASLI interview, meditations, camping and painting batik styley


Do what you love


So, a month or so ago I said I was doing an interview with ASLI and here it is, in all its   glory :

This is my first interview, and it was a bit scarey doing it , to be honest.

I find it hard to write about my work, and that is the first time I had to really think about what I do. It took a long time to write it ( it was a written interview, not spoken)

So, now to take action on all the things I talked about. The Summer hols are well under way, I have been meditating every day and I am really beginning to understand the importance of being calm, as in really. When we come from a place of calm we can achieve more, be more centred and just generally be in a  better state of mind- better than stressed out all the time . Stress has its place, but not for 6 weeks during the holidays!  Within my meditation  practice Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche says that being in a calm is a very important thing to learn. Take a look at my calm inducing images below, from a recent camping trip, within the Meon valley. It was a beautiful place- owls in the trees at night ,and the moon glowing brightly above our tents. Being with good friends and meeting some lovely new folks made it all the more enjoyable.






So, in other news I am now working on 5 commissions (early mornings and evenings and nap times for my littlest) It’s a good thing that most of these folks do not need the paintings next week. Creativity takes time, daaahling. But, seriously, I am grateful for a bit of breathing space. It’s what I need right now.

I have been painting batik styley. I painted batik scarves way back in 2002 whilst travelling around Malaysia. I want to produce more batik products such as cushions, pillow cases and duvet covers. Watch this space for more on this , they will be available before Christmas      ( did I just say that? )

batik style pic.jpg

Image based loosely on my design I did on a scarf back in 2002



The white outline represents the wax resist of a batik painting.

It is a lovely way to paint, I am finding. I love to work into pieces, making some areas of my paintings fairly detailed and other parts more textured. I use other materials at times , such as a fineliner, to work into paintings.

Best get painting!






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