Art Sale on facebook , from 8th August

Ok, so I am having an Art Sale. From 8th August. Except I did a sneak preview for those who are interested. I did one of those sponsored ads on facebook and hit the wrong button, and it has meant I have had quite a few people look at my work! Ha! Normally I am so careful with these things….

So, I have sold 3 of the 20 paintings in the sale so far, and erm , it starts on Monday. And today is Friday…

Ok , so how does that work you might say. Well, those interested in seeing the images beforehand got a look in first, and then folks messaged me saying ‘Can I have it please?’ , and on one of the whatsapp messages there was a little prayer hands next to it. How cute.

So, today was just a tad bonkers, messaging folks, pinging images left, right and centre. And not only for the Summer Sale, but general enquiries. That is the way we like it here at W-S HQ (Well, me and the messy ones, not the tidy ones, because it was a bit of a tip )


So, if you would like to see the remaining images you can ask me, or wait til Monday where there will be none left, so it will be a sold out sale before I even started. Follow me?

Me neither. I did have to drink a bit of beer. I do have 3 children and I was doing all this with all 3 of them here, with me. Admittedly, the youngest was eating dried weetabix at lunch time, so I had to have a break to feed them.

All jokes aside, there will be a sale on Monday , with my lovely ink drawings on full view, some of which have not yet graced the internet world. So, come and have a look and see what exciting imagery is on offer.

Til the next one…..






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