Summer, Art Sale, Festivals and ink drawing with the kiddos



I am blogging. The house is a mess, the clothes might be getting a little overcooked in the tumble dryer, and it is time for wine. I managed 5 hours sleep last night, through working late, painting and jotting down ideas. I awoke early, finding myself making coffee, and being too awake to go back to sleep. I started painting around 7am , outside, in pjs, long socks, and a gilet. It was a sight to behold!  Should’ve got a selfie. I was holding onto Summer (it wasn’t that nice in the end, a tiny bit drizzly at points)

By all accounts, we have had a good summer, as in School Holidays summer. The big kids are back to School on Monday and I for one will breathe both a sigh of relief, and feel a tinge of sadness. I will miss them. I won’t miss the fights and them (well, one of them in particular) shouting when I ask them to tidy up for the umpteenth time. But I will miss the interaction we have and the bonds we share. I will miss the random moments , the excitement at a cardboard box, the laughter, the one week without tv, the ink drawing we did together. They painted 3 times in one day (one of the no tv days) ..” mummy, can you paint my horizon line? ” …” where’s the Hot Mama red?” ( that is a name of an acrylic ink 😉  )

I also paid them for their paintings (their idea) They managed to eek a tenner out of me (each) I said this is not a regular thang………;-)  well done boys, well done. It went from £7 to £10, quite rapidly. I am missing a trick here.

Close up of Ben’s work (aged 8 1/2)


Will’s owl (aged 7 ) and Ben’s work to the right


I also gave a free art session to a 16 year old lad. It was very rewarding as he enjoyed it, realised perhaps he was more capable than he gave himself credit.

I had time out, I made time to paint, I sold 15 images ( and counting) in my Summer Sale. I have finished 4 of the 5 commissions. I swam in a swim pond, we camped, we festivalled with 3 kids, learnt more about the power of nettles and peed in the woods for 3 days ( I am not good with festival type loos). The kids had various sleepovers and trips out with other folks, it was well balanced.

I am having a print sale, 20% off 5 images until 10th September. Here are three of them on my etsy site, have a gander and let me know what you think . There are a total of 15 prints in the sale, 5 different images with differing sizes.

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