Sale times! on until Nov 30th !




I have some A6 and A5 pieces in the sale, on until Monday , 27th November.  They are £10 and £20 each, respectively , and after November 27th there will be no more A6 images left.  Take a look at my etsy site for all the sale pieces and all the other lovely work – I have about 80 listings.

This year has been full of different things, a really busy one ! I had an exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery in the Summer and sold some work there.

We went to Spain and that ignited a fire in me, one where my other passions came to life – my love of language ( I speak French and Italian and I am learning Spanish) and being abroad, meeting new people and tasting the culture again. A big highlight was our 8 year old conquered his fear of paddle boarding and did a fantastic job! We took our inflatable paddle board with us!


I started Art Retreat Days at an idyllic spot in Wiltshire and my husband built me a studio in our garden ( pictured top right) . The Art Retreat days were in August and October – the beautiful image of me on the bottom left is me in shock, as I had just been swimming in 12 degree waters at 930 am on a lovely October day! Both retreats were a roaring success and the ladies produced beautiful imagery on both occasions. It brings like minded souls together, and everyone enjoyed each others’ company, chatting and  listening to each other in a stunning spot. As well as doing lots of lovely painting- obviously!

If you would like to know more about my Art retreats email me on









I am giving one to one art tutoring. Please email me on for more info.  I am a very good facilitator and I am good at drawing out ( excuse the pun! ha! ) the innate gift that people have within. I love to help people to relax into painting and really ENJOY the process and learning tools, to then be able to use in the comfort of their own home. My way is never for someone to copy what I do. I am all about reaching those creative parts of you that you never knew existed – an awakening of the senses.






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